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Dr. Hilliard, protecting your mouth this summer

Wouldn’t you believe it, summer is right around the corner! At Hilliard Orthodontics, our team knows that the summer months bring with them an increase in outdoor activities and a greater chance of our young athletes damaging their precious teeth. If you're playing sports this summer, it's important that you consult Drs. Hilliard or Dietrich for special precautions, such as wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards are advised for playing spring sports such as baseball, soccer, lacrosse and many, many others.

We were reminded about the need to wear mouth guards after reading an article recently about hockey great Keith Tkachuk needing reconstructive surgery after taking a puck to the mouth. Tkachuk’s gruesome injury underscores the need for all of our patients to use facial protection at all times when out on the field.

In case of any accident involving the face, we want you to check your mouth and appliances immediately. If teeth are loosened or the appliances are damaged, please schedule an appointment to see Dr. Hilliard immediately. And don’t forget to ask us—Dr. Hilliard will be more than happy to provide a mouth guard for any patient in active treatment!

Our team at Hilliard Orthodontics will tell you that only by using a mouth guard and other forms of facial protection can kids with and without braces avoid serious sports injuries. Please give us a call at 863-644-0430 if you have any questions about mouth guards or your treatment with Drs. Hilliard or Dietrich.

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