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Featured patient review for Hilliard Orthodontics!

Our entire staff at Hilliard Orthodontics love hearing feedback from current and former patients - their great testimonials remind us each time why we do what we do: create beautiful smiles for all ages in Lakeland!

"Great staff, everything is explained in detail by the doctor and the staff. Dr. Hilliard is obviously a very knowledgable orthodontist, and I admire the way he works with his staff. I've worked for medical doctors and chiropractors for 18 years, and I find it very important for the doctor to have a staff that he trusts and works well with as a team. I love the open atmosphere instead of small offices with restricted walls; I think this makes the patients feel better about wearing braces or appliances because they see that other people are going through the same thing. The atmosphere and decor is very pleasant and inviting. It is rare to find a doctor with such expertise, who also has a good chairside manner, a beautiful office, and a staff that works so well as a team and takes time to explain things to the patients. I'm very impressed!" ~ Lance S.

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