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Hilliard & Dietrich Orthodontics – Improving the Braces Experience with Indirect Bonding

Our team at Hilliard & Dietrich Orthodontics is proud to offer an indirect method of positioning your braces properly on your teeth, ultimately creating your ideal bite and smile. Indirect bonding results in an increased level of precision, leading to ideal results much faster than you would expect with traditional methods, which involves placing the braces on the teeth one at a time.

How does indirect bonding work?

Once you have decided to proceed with orthodontic treatment at our Lakeland, FL office, an appointment is arranged to take precise impressions of your teeth. The impressions are then poured and a model representation of your teeth is produced. The model of your teeth allows Dr. Hilliard and Dr. Dietrich to examine your teeth from every angle conceivable, for precision positioning of your braces. This method is more precise than traditional bracket placement, since the braces are first accurately positioned on a model of your teeth.

With the indirect bonding system, the top and bottom braces are placed as a single unit, rather than tooth-by-tooth, resulting in a much shorter and pleasant appointment. The treatment results generated by this method enable incomparable accuracy. Because of the increased precision, patient cases using indirect bonding progress much faster than with traditional treatment, meaning less time spent wearing braces, as well as fewer adjustment appointments.

Dr. Hilliard and Dr. Dietrich have perfected their indirect bonding method and are proud to offer this advanced technique to our patients. If you would like to learn more about indirect bonding, or to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Hilliard and Dr. Dietrich, please give us a call at our convenient Lakeland, FL office.

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