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does it hurt to have braces

Frequently Asked Orthodontic Questions...Answered!

September 30th, 2009

We get a lot of questions about oral health and treatment, so we wanted to answer a few for everyone to see!

“How will my child benefit from orthodontic treatment?"

Properly positioned teeth are much easier to care for and clean. Correction of the bite, in addition to helping with improved chewing and speech, also plays and important role in reducing future wear of the teeth and stress on the supporting bone and jaw joints. Aesthetics and good-function also can improve a person's self-image!

“I have always been afraid that it will hurt to have braces. Do patients have really sore mouths while they are having orthodontic treatment?”

The orthodontic techniques and appliances used today are the most comfortable ever! Many of Dr. Hilliard's patients report that they had absolutely NO discomfort during their treatment. Dr. Hilliard also provides 24/7 emergency coverage for all of his patients (and even gives you his home phone number when you start treatment!) We're only a phone call away if you need us!

“I don’t see a list of insurance companies on your website, so what is the best way I can find out if you work with my insurance provider?”

Our office is very "insurance friendly" and we pride ourselves on helping each patient and family maximize their insurance benefits! Nan is our insurance expert and she will be happy to talk with you about the plan you have and the benefits you can expect.

Do you have other questions? Ask them in the comments section!

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